April 19, 2015

Will these bills make good laws?

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Georgia flagYour elected officials are busy at work. Do you know what they are up to? The Georgia Driver does. She is keeping an eye on a few bills as they make their way from proposal to law. If you've an interest in any of these topics, contact your representative lawmaker  and let him or her know how you feel.

House Bill (HB)5 Allows for drones to capture images for certain purposes, but not for private surveillance. (Each new technology rewrites the law.)

HB9 Makes it unlawful for certain employers to ask whether an applicant has ever been arrested. (Does that mean after you've paid your debt to society you can actually get a job?)

HB13 Makes it unlawful for law enforcement to use racial profiling as a basis for probable cause to make a vehicular stop. (I bet you already thought this was illegal!)

HB37 Defines when a district attorney has conflict of interest in a prosecution. (Excellent!)

HB39 "Dropout Deterrent Act" expands ages of mandatory compulsory attendance in school. (So you can’t drop out until you graduate.)

HB56 No-Knock Warrants: Redefines when they can be used. (I think they should never be used.)

HB71 Crime Victims' Bill of Rights: gives certain time frames in a parole or death penalty case in order to give the victim notification and an opportunity to respond. Requires the Parole Board to make public their vote. (The Georgia Driver is concerned about this bill and will work with our death penalty and parole members to address the problems.)


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